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Becoming Debra Wright is a candid memoir that paints Debra Wright's journey through the tumultuous experiences of life. With cadences of blatant intimacy tenderly caressing the reader's emotions, Debra's childhood memories leap through the pages with warmth and significance in everyday life. From the tempered realms of love, marriage and divorce, into the tender arms of love again.


 Becoming Debra Wright is a testament of strong moral fibers built on solid Christian ethics and trust in God. It is as well the story of the human will to survive in the midst of insurmountable odds. A simple pointer to the fact that dark nights may tarry, but there'll always be a brilliant light at the end of the tunnel.


She reminds us that although the road may not be easy to travel and there can be many dark nights ahead, as long as we never lose sight of the true power of Gods unfailing love, all things are possible.


One thing is certain, Becoming Debra Wright beautifully renders her life as a flower unfurling in the garden of life.

Becoming Debra Wright

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